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More Financial Games

I always have more fun learning when I can play games.

I’ve found some more games online that are both fun and educational.

http://www.practicalmoneyskills.com/games/trainingcamp/ff/ Financial Football is sponsored by Visa, but overall it’s a good trivia game. It has two editions, one for high school students and one for college students.

http://www.financialsoccer.com/play/play.php Financial Soccer is another game sponsored by Visa that uses trivia as a way to score. I found some of the questions difficult and it also has age ranges to select from before you play.

http://simulator.investopedia.com/ is a game that allows you to practice investing. You can trade stocks. It’s obviously not as interactive as the other games, but it helps expose you to how the market may work.

Make Learning about Finances Fun…

Yes, you may be thinking, how can learning about finances be fun?

Well there are several resources online that provide financial education through virtual games. These games are meant to teach the basics about credit card debt, bank accounts, and prioritizing.

These games help teach about fiscal responsibility and some are hard!

http://financialentertainment.org/play/celebritycalamity.html This game is a lot of fun, teaches you about credit card debt and splurging for items. However, it is unrealistic when you go over your debt and nothing happens. If you fail on the first try, they also drop all of your debt.

http://www.controlyourcredit.gov/ This is an online game provided by the government.

http://sos.iit.edu/KidsInvest/UserLogin.jsp Credit Safe, a good way to determine what Credit Card to use. This game helps you manage money and learn to prioritize and how to pay off your credit cards.