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Podcast: The Differences Between Traditional & Collaborative Divorce

WolfBridge Financial podcast

Divorce is a tough thing for anyone to go through. There are other ways to go through the divorce process, however, than the typical court battle most folks see on TV and in movies.

At WolfBridge Financial, we work with groups like Separating Together and the North Carolina Association of Collaborative Divorce Professionals (NCACDP) to promote the Collaborative Divorce process.

What is the collaborative divorce process? We answered that question a few weeks ago on this very blog. You can find it HERE.

In the Podcast below we want to dig deeper into the specific differences between Collaborative Divorce and Traditional Divorce. WolfBridge CEO, Michael Kothakota, answers some important questions that help differentiate the two processes and hopefully make your decision easier when choosing which route to take.


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1. What are the most basic differences in the two divorce processes?
2. Can you elaborate on the full disclosure clause?
3. How is the negotiation process different in collaborative divorces?
4. What are the different steps in the collaborative divorce negotiation process?
5. Why is the agreement made in collaborative divorce between ex-spouses considered durable?
6. How long are meetings in the collaborative process?

2011 North Carolina Tax Return Pocket Card

The WolfBridge Financial blog has been focusing a lot on taxes lately – in case you hadn’t noticed.

We know firsthand how stressful tax season can be, and want to help prepare everyone in the Triangle so that you can focus more on your family and friends, instead of how much money you owe.

Here are a few things we’ve covered so far:

Today we want to help you even more.

As a sports fan, I’ve always been fond of pocket schedules and calendars because you can keep them in your wallet and they don’t make you look like George Costanza (see below).

Introducing the 2012 North Carolina Tax Return Pocket Card

It may not be all that fancy, but we managed to put together a pocket card that has many of the key dates and details you’ll need leading up to April 15, 2012.

So instead of having to dig around on the Internet, or calling the (yikes!) NC Department of Revenue, you can simply download our card and fold it up. Then just place it in your wallet, purse, carry-on, tablet cover or anything else readily accessible and you’re ready to file those pesky taxes.

Enter the WolfBridge Financial Military Veteran Tax Services Giveaway

Have a military veteran of the Persian Gulf War (Operation Iraqi Freedom) or Afghanistan War (Operation Enduring Freedom) in your family?

As a veteran owned business, WolfBridge Financial prides itself on giving back to our military veterans. To showcase that support we thought a giveaway of financial services to military veterans would be a great way for families to show their heroes just how much they mean to them!

If someone in your family is a military veteran of the Persian Gulf War (Operation Iraqi Freedom) or Afghanistan War (Operation Enduring Freedom) then entering them into the contest is simple:

1. Pull together your heroes name, military branch, war served and a few words about them.
2. Place the information, along with a way for us to contact you, on the WolfBridge Financial Facebook Page or in the Comment section below this blog post.
3. Each time your heroes entry is “liked” on Facebook, someone comments on your post in the blog, or your post is linked to on Twitter using the Hashtag #WolfbridgeHeroes– you get 1 point. The military veterans with the most points at the end of the contest will receive the following prizes.

**After you nominate someone make sure you tell your friends and family so they can help you win!**

1st Place: Free 2011 or 2012 Tax Services – State and Federal Filing
2nd Place: Free Financial Assessment with Michael Kothakota, CEO of WolfBridge Financial & Military Veteran
3rd Place: $200 Donation to either the Wounded Warrior Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation or Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.


To help get you started, below is a sample contest entry put together by our staff for WolfBridge Financial CEO and military veteran, Michael Kothakota:

“Michael Kothakota, North Carolina National Guard, Veteran of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Loving father and proud veteran.“


Please spread this to as many people as you possibly can so we can shine a little extra light on our heroes at home and remind everyone who keeps us all FREE!

If you have any questions about the WolfBridge Financial Military Veteran Tax Services Giveaway please CONTACT US.


Additional Giveaway Details

Giveaway Entrance/Point Gathering Period: March 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM through March 24, 2012 at 11:59 PM

Winner’s Announcement: The winners will be contacted on March 25, 2012 and announced publicly on March 26, 2012 on the WolfBridge Financial Blog and Facebook Page.

Prizes: Each winner will speak with a WolfBridge Financial representative about how and when they would like to receive their prize. Prizes may be redeemed for 2011 or 2012 tax season.

Entrants: Must nominate a veteran of one of the aforementioned wars. The veteran must also be a resident of North Carolina.

Which North Carolina Tax Bracket Am I In?

That’s the infamous question everyone will be asking up until the actually file their taxes for 2011. Depending on your filing status and your taxable income, the North Carolina tax rate can range from 6 to 7.75 percent. 1.75 percent may not seem like a big difference but it certainly can be when we are talking about a year’s worth of income!

We’ve compiled some nifty charts and tools for you all in one place so that you can have a good idea of how much you will owe, or hopefully get back, even before your actual taxes are filed. If you have any questions on how to interpret any of the information below please feel free to leave a comment below or contact the WolfBridge Financial team.

*To obtain a copy of a free and helpful booklet on all the information below you can call the NC Department of Revenue toll-free at 1-877-252-3052 or you can find a local service center and get it in person by visiting HERE.

If your filing status is single

If your filing status is head of household

If your filing status is married, filing jointly or qualifying widow or widower

If your filing status is married, filing separately

Need help figuring out the amount of tax due on your individual tax return?

Check out the nifty tool below courtesy of the North Carolina Department of Revenue. It may not give you an exact number if you aren’t 100% sure yet what your taxable income is but you can certainly get a good idea!